Starlink Is Reconsidering Stopping Their Services In Sudan After Numerous Complaints


Earlier this month, subscribers of Starlink internet services were notified via email that networks would be disconnected in several countries, including Sudan.

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation, owned by American aerospace company Space X, and currently provides low-cost internet coverage to over 70 countries, and in remote locations.

The statement was released earlier this month, confirming that coverage would cease to continue past April 30

Due to the ongoing conflict, and infrastructure damage, regions across Sudan have depended on Starlink for connectivity.

The war, that erupted in April of last year, has disrupted local telecom company services, causing many regions in Sudan to suffer from a complete blackout. Internet connectivity in rural areas are near to non-existing, and if found, is usually slower than 10KBPs and more expensive that using Starlink.


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Once the announcement came out, individuals from inside and outside of Sudan have began to share their pleas with the organisation to reconsider the decision

With Starlink being active in other warzones such as Ukraine, it was obvious that continued connectivity has become absolutely vital for daily life, and emergency aid efforts across states in Sudan.


They weren’t going to leave any stone unturned!

Hadhreen organisation has quickly taken action after hearing the news, and took it upon them to initiate multiple reach outs to professionals in order to help overturn the decision.

They recently shared the news expressing relief, that they had verified through a reliable source that Starlink has reversed the decision for now, but it might be subject to review in the future.



Every bit of effort counts!

With many individuals and organisations on the ground relying on the Space X satellite internet services, the discontinuation due to not having the correct licensing right now, would cause millions to suffer. With Sudan already suffering from severe disconnection from the entire world, Starlink has helped individuals connect with their families, access bank accounts, discover safe passage as well as get on with their daily lives.


Starlink and Space X are yet to comment, or release an official statement

The initial decision to cease operations in countries without licensing is due to begin tomorrow, and so, Sudanese all over the world right now are hoping that they’ll get a pass this time through.


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