5 Temp Hair Dyes For Those Who Want To Try Something Gutsy BUT Only For A While


In the mood to try something gutsy with your hair, but not too gutsy also??

Then fam why haven’t you tried out temporary hair colouring wax yet?? These hair colouring waxes can temporarily tint your hair to whatever colour you please WITHOUT the need to bleach, plus it’s washable so if you’re not happy with how the colour looks on you, you can wash it right off. Or if you like the results you can keep applying the colour and have ZERO damage done to your luscious locks whatsoever.

Issa win-win with these 5 temporary hair colour waxes.

Take snaps of yo’self looking punk rock like Avril Lavigne and give your pals a good scare

5. For an affordable one-time green hair transformation, go for then Mofajang Green Hair Colouring Material 

Buy it from Amazon for AED 19.

4. For a look that stands out go for the Mofajang Temporary Blue Hair Coloring Wax

Buy it from Amazon for AED 29.

3. For a fiery red do that’ll keep your friends guessing go for this Mofajang Temporary Red Hair Coloring Wax

Buy it from Amazon for AED 29.

2. Be the trendsetter in your squad and go for this unique shade of Purple Hair Colouring Wax

Buy it from Amazon for AED 19.

1. Or if you’re having a difficult time choosing on which colour you wanna go for, why not try them all with this Mofajang Set of 6 Hair Colouring Waxes (comes in white, grey, blue, purple, red and gold)

You deffo have the time.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 99.


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