It’ll Cost You Around AED 70k To Dress Like You’re A Part Of The Hip-Hop Scene


A lil something flashy to shoo away all your corona blues!

If you’re a major follower of the underground hip-hop scene, then surely you’ve somewhat adopted that street bling style as well, and what street style is ever complete without a solid gold chain, amirite?!

Although lemme tell you one thing, that hip-hop look does NOT come cheap, you see these musical legends take the stage with their layers of gold chains, rings and sometimes even solid gold teeth BUT what you don’t see is the amount of cash that was shed out in the look.

Hence, if your little hip-hop obsessed self is in the mood for a big-time splurge fest, then go on Amazon and check out their signature underground gold chain rn!

This signature hip-hop gold chain has been worn by all ’em legends! From Tupac…

To Eminem…

And now you can be rollin’ around town in style too with this OG 14K gold Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Chain

That’ll cost you a whoppinnnnn AED 74,146.28 on Amazon.

Cuz’ at the end of the day… what even is a hip-hop follower without his BLINGGG?!


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