Glide Your Way Through Life With These 6 Slick Rollerblades 


Glide Your Way Through Life With These 6 Slick Rollerblades 

Summertime means ROLLERBLADE TIME!!

Strap on a pair of slick inline roller skates and start gliding around town in style sis.

6. If you’re in search of some vibrant and fun inline skates for your kiddos then check out this Unisex Adjustable Inline Skates with LED wheels!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 621.00.

5. Skate away your blues with this ULTRA chic all-black Professional Roller Inline Skates.

Promising review:

“Am a beginner and it caters to my level. The blades are pretty reliable and its got a cool look.”

Buy it from Amazon for .

4. Major Green Lantern fan?! Then this Swift Roller Balde’s black and green colour scheme will sit well with you!

Buy it from Amazon for .

3. This Black and Red Rollerblade’s macroblade structure has an ideal mix of flex and lateral support and features ABT braking technology to help skaters brake more gradually with added confidence plus stability.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 938.94.

2. Go old school and whizz round and round your friends in these Classic White Premium Rink Skates!

Promising review:

“So excited about these old school skates! They fit great, they are comfortable and fun to ride. Do yourself a favour, spend the money. Treat yo self!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 237.39.

1. This iconic Roller Rink Skate from Chicago is strategically designed for gliding and is also a popular choice for all-around rink and social skating for decades.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 237.20.

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