These Indoor Plants Will Let You Breathe


Lahore has left us breathless. We love the city, but the air? Not so much. Let’s talk about oxygen, shall we? Because if you don’t have plants, you won’t have O2.

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Now the thing is, we have to face the harsh reality. On 9th November, Lahore was ranked on TOP of the list of cities with the WORST air quality in THE WORLD! Even today, it is making it in the top 15. Now that is something to worry about. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself here

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Yes, PLEASE. Let that SINK IN!

We need to understand the gravity of the situation here. It’s a lot, it is absolutely horrendous. It seems like movies like Mad max fury and the scenes shown in Interstellar are just a distant reality. Our perception of those films should change from fiction to nonfiction. Because it seems like that stuff CAN HAPPEN!

Scared? Well, you should be.

But as we have identified the problem, we can also start working to do something about it. At least on an individual level so that we remain healthy. And to be honest, only these individual efforts, when spread out throughout the city, will be able to make an effect collectively.

We’re not here to tell you to start a billion tree campaign, that is for the government to do. But what you can do is to make the living space around you, more breathable.

Let’s start with Indoor Plants. We LOVE them!

Now, this is going to be helpful in two ways. Firstly, they produce clean oxygen that you can breathe. Secondly, they look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! They add to the aesthetics of the place and the ambiance is wholly lit up!

Here are the Top Oxygen producing plants you’d LOVE to have in your home or office.


Pothos is a lovely and active foliage plant that is also very easy to care for! It’s a fantastic plant for improving indoor air quality. It is renowned for generating pollutants like as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Areca Palm

Golden palms, butterfly palms, and yellow palms are all names for Areca palms.
These lovely areca palms are tropical trees that produce a lot of oxygen, and having two huge plants in close proximity to each other will significantly enhance the amount of oxygen in your home.

Snake Plant

Snake plant, also known as “mother-in-tongue,” law’s is noted for its remarkable efficiency in producing oxygen. Even before its oxygen-producing properties, it was one of the most popular indoor plants, finding its way into both homes and offices.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies have a distinctive, eye-catching white blossom. They bring good luck, and charm and are a symbol of prosperity. They are easy to care for and are a great source of increasing oxygen indoors.

Peace lilies may improve your home by producing clean, oxygen-rich air, in addition to appearing lovely. Peace lilies are excellent at removing pollutants from the air. According to NASA studies, peace lilies are good at removing benzene and trichloroethylene. In both homes and offices, these two contaminants are widespread.

You’re all set to have your offices and homes full of oxygen and good-looking plants. Get ready to take a trip to the nursery, and we PROMISE you, you WILL go overboard once you see them. Well, the more the merrier!

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