Masala TV Came To Lahore!

Family Fest

This weekend, Masala TV decided to leave their hometown of Karachi where they shoot most of their shows and come over to Lahore. They came over and had a family festival for the WHOLE weekend!

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It was pretty exciting to see such a lot of people flying in from Karachi to Lahore just for this. Masala tv brought their whole team in, which included their chefs.

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The festival took place in the Lahore expo center which in itself is a GREAT venue. The perfect place to have a couple of hundred people come over and enjoy their time going around looking at all the fun activities going around.

Who was there?

Well, Masala tv brought in legends of the culinary business like Shireen Answer. Everyone LOVES her recipes and she has been on masala tv for quite some time now.

Along with some oldies, Masala showed off quite some new blood as well. Young chefs which included Chef Saad Butt and Chef Saba Aftab. Both of them rocked at the festival with their energy and even their getups!


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Look at how Dazzling Chef Saad is looking!

After seeing him on stage, everyone wanted to get a selfie with him. Wearing Hamayun Alamgir on his first day, Chef Saad looked like an absolute showstopper!

There was a giveaway session as well, in which the audience got a chance to receive many free gifts and everyone seems enthralled! Well, because of the gifts and obviously because Chef Saad was giving them away. Everyone wanted to interact with this new superstar.


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On the second day of the event, there were some live cooking sessions that went on with our very own chefs. What an experience it was for the people who got to witness the very chefs and shows that they see on television, live in front of them.

Look at Chef Saba having a blast!

Chef Saad rocked his outfit on the second day as well, wearing Emraan Rajput which he did so elegantly!


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The event even had a concert by Abrar ul Haq who everyone absolutely loved and enjoyed. Masala tv came to Lahore for one thing, to enjoy and give people a good time, and that they absolutely did!

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