The New Pan Asian In Town Is Amazing

The New Pan Asian In Town Is Amazing

Pan Asian cuisine is something that is everyone’s go-to cuisine. Especially when you want a mouth bursting with flavors with an appetite of a Hippo. Moreover Lahoris love their food and to be successful here you need to be serving something which is delicious.

Makao – The new Pan Asian place in town

Usually one wouldn’t trust a local Pan Asian restaurant, but Makao has done everything right!

This restaurant is for someone who has an artistic personality. Also, someone who can groove in their mood to match their ambiance.

The Vibe

When you enter Makao, you’ll be taken aback by how different the place is. You’ll first question yourself if this is a dark deep house dance club. It has its own vibe set in which might take you a second or two to configure. You are definitely going to be mesmerized by the atmosphere they have to offer.

They have a dark red thing going on which makes you blend in with the place. As soon as you take your seat, the first thing they do is light a small candle and place it on your table. Now that’s ROMANTIC! With that touch, you can sit back and relax.

The interior design is absolutely in sync with their music. Which is a choice of deep house with a hint of trance. The roof of the first floor is glazed with a reflective chrome sheet. Coupled with the dark room and red light strips which run along with it creates a dangerously romantic mood.

Now you know where to take your significant other. Especially if you’re in the mood to have a romantic yet enjoyable evening.

The Food

With so many options in their menu, you’ll find something of your liking. If not, the waiters are very well versed in their knowledge of their own cuisine and can recommend you something according to your tastebuds. You probably before this see someone else’s table and ask for that!

Their food is delicious. Whatever you’ll order, you’ll be surprised how well it sits with your taste buds. You probably might forget about the company you have once you start eating!

If you’re looking for an experience that is unlike a typical restaurant. If you’re looking for a place that would get your taste buds tantalized and also touch some of your other hidden senses. Then this is the place to go. Makao has brought something new to town and we are always up for new experiences which would make a night to remember.

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