Minal Khan Had A Breakfast Date With Kylie Jenner?! Netizens React!


Minal Khan shared the exact same photo as Kylie Jenner on her Instagram story pretending to have taken it herself. Pakistani actress has gotten quite some criticism and of course trolling for her action.

On another episode of Pakistanis and their trolling, Minal Khan has now become the topic of discussion. On Tuesday, 21st June, famous Pakistani actress Minal Khan took to Instagram to share a rather aesthetic photo to her story. People were quick to recognize that it was the exact same one that Kylie Jenner has shared to her story the same day. Instagram and twitter users did not hold back their “keyboard warrior selves” from making fun of this incident.

No one told us we got magicians on twitter.

Maybe she is just trying to promote Kylie Jenner as a fan account?

While some cracked jokes at Minal Khan, others took a different direction. People have been jokingly slamming Kylie Jenner for trying to copy Minal and not the other way around.


Seriously, what is this behaviour Kylie?

Some users even tried to put two and two together and create their own wild fantasies. They made their own theories that these two celebrities might be dating eachother. This obviously was said as a joke but it is way too hilarious.

Will we have another article on their alleged date?

Them having nashta together without chai paratha? What is this Minal?

While some were having their fun, others took this incident quite serious. Some people are claiming that this is the clear depiction of Pakistani celebrities being like anyone else.

At least we know they are humans too.

Yet another hilarious series of netizens being netizens. With Minal Khan giving us a topic of comedy we cannot wait to see what topic social media users pick next to slam.

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