Full-Time Employees Working Overtime In The UAE Are Entitled To ‘Extra Pay’


Know your rights as an employee here in the UAE.

According to the Fed Decree by Law No. 33 of 2021, Article 19 (as stated in the official UAE Gazette No. 712) full-time employees working overtime are entitled to additional pay. Period.

Employees can find out if they’re eligible for overtime compensation if:

a) The employer requires you to work for additional working hours beyond your normal work timings, (provided that it does not exceed 2 hours per day).

  • In all cases, the total working hours shall not exceed 144 hours every 3 weeks.

b) If circumstances of work require that you work for more than the normal working hours, the extra time shall be considered overtime – for which the Worker shall receive a wage equal to that corresponding to his normal working hours.

How your overtime pay should be calculated:

a) Your overtime pay should be calculated according to the basic salary – plus an increase of at least 25% of such wage.

b) If you are ever required to work overtime between 10pm – 4am, you should be entitled to an overtime wage calculated according to the basic wage – plus an increase equal to at least 50% of such wage. (Shift Workers shall be excluded from the above).

c) If you are required to work on your rest day (as specified in the employment contract or the work organisational regulation), you shall be compensated with another rest day, or with payment of the wage for that da. Plus, an increase not less than 50% of the basic wage for that day.

Dubai Lawyer, Omar Al Heloo, Shares Insights On The New Labour Laws on the Lovin Dubai Show

UAE Lawyer, Omar Al Heloo, from Hadef & Partners gives a breakdown of the new labour laws. With information on annual leaves, sick leaves, overtime & more.

Moreover, Omar Al Heloo reminds all that employees are entitled to 90 days of sick leaves

According to the Fed Decree by Law No. 33 of 2021, Article 31, post the Probation Period, employees are entitled to sick leaves of no more than 90 consecutive or intermittent days per year. It will be calculated as follows:

– First 15 days with FULL pay
– Following 30 days with HALF pay
– The remaining period shall be UNPAID

Employees are within their rights to file a complaint against their employer if they’re not granted 15 days of ‘PAID’ sick leaves as per the UAE labour laws.

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