The Moon Shaped Lake In Dubai Is a MUST Visit


After living in Dubai for some time, you start to wonder where you can go for adventures. Okay of course there’s the Burj Khalifa visits, the beaches are awesome, the Al Qudra desert in winter, but how about something more unique? Posts have gone viral over this moon shaped lake in the middle of the desert and it’s making people wonder where it is.

Known landscape photographer and videographer Mostafa shared the discovery of this beautiful lake on his Instagram account on Thursday and the footage has since been viewed more than 77,000 times!

The moon shaped lake is right here in Al Qudra, Dubai

Image Credits: Instagram @100.pixels 


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Pack your 4×4 and cameras and head to Al Qudra for a stunning day at the moon shaped lake

Honestly it’s so fitting with the Ramadan theme cause, you know, crescent and Ramadan. It’s the next pink lake of Ras Al Khaimah. The amount of hidden gems in this country are astounding.

The moon shaped lake is nestled between white sand dunes and trees surrounding it. People who visited the lake reported seeing oryx early in the morning. If that doesn’t get you packing up a drone, I don’t know what will.

What to type on Google Maps to find it

Here are the coordinates 24.7874218, 55.3065662, type that in to Google Maps and start your journey.

While visiting these places is truly a sight for sore eyes, it’s important to remember that they are a part of nature (even if it’s man-made) and deserve to stay clean.

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