The New UAE Visa Scheme Will Actually Take Effect Next Month

Mayar Ibrahim

There’s so much information and yet it’s almost too much to comprehend. We’ll try to break it down for you. Back in April 2022, the UAE announced some new changes to the Golden Visa and visit visas (which are yet to come into effect).

Since then the Green residence visa has made some changes and the process of applying for the Golden Visa has also changed. Tourists also can choose from a variety of visit visas. And all of this is to encourage more people to visit, work, and invest in the country.

Here are the updates if you want to apply for a UAE visa, which will come into effect from October 3

The Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security has launched its ‘advanced services system’ for a trial run.

The five-year Green residence visa:

Eligibility for the Green residence visa depends on salary, and qualifications but it’s open to all skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and freelancers. Holders will be able to extend the benefits to their family members as well and they can retain their resident status for 6 months after the visa is cancelled or expired.

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The UAE golden visa process:

The Golden Visa now has broader application criteria and it’s open to students.

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There are new humanitarian crisis visas

This new visa is open to widowed mothers, parents or children of UAE citizens, as well as spouses of GCC citizens.

Visit visas:

There are 3 categories and all will be valid for 2 months.

60-day entry visa for all visitors

60-day visa for those looking to explore job opportunities in the UAE

60-day visa for exploring business opportunities

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