This Owl Cafe In Abu Dhabi Is An Absolute MUST Visit


Every time I watch Harry Potter, I have one main thought… where’s my owl? Boomah heard our prayers and opened up the first Owl Cafe in the Middle East.

Nestled in Abu Dhabi, this Owl Cafe serves you coffee and allows you the unique one-on-one experience with majestic owls.

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Live the Harry Potter fantasies and befriend a beautiful owl in this one of a kind Owl Cafe

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The Boomah Owl Cafe is located in Al Seef Village in Abu Dhabi

If you’re wondering why the name of the cafe sounds odd, that’s because it’s the Arabic word for owl. They have over 10 different breeds and they’re all absolutely stunning animals. Working hours begin at 2pm because owls are nocturnal, with closing time at 10pm.

The owl hall entry tickets are AED70 for adults and AED50 for children and no prior reservations are required.

You can carry them, pet them, and snuggle them!

Boomah is founded by Mohamed Mahfoodh Al Shehhi and others. The Cafe has specialized trainers to make sure the owls are well taken care of, tamed and healthy.

All the owls within the cafe have been socialized since they were young so they love having visitors! They may not bring you the letter to Hogwarts but they’ll certainly make the visit memorable.

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