A Deadly Accident Involving A Cab And A Truck In Ras Al Khaimah Has Killed One Taxi Passenger


A local taxi in Ras Al Khaimah rammed into the rear of a heavy truck resulting in the death of a rider.

The 42-year-old Asian man immediately succumbed to the injuries, whereas the driver, who is in his thirties and the other passenger, aged 33, were severely injured in the crash. 

Location of the accident

The accident, which occurred when the taxi driver tried to overtake a truck on a two-way road, happened on one of the roads of the Al Ghail area in RAK.

The news comes soon after when seven Emirati teenagers were injured on the very same road last week. 

According to Col Ahmed Al Sam Al Naqbi, director of the traffic and patrols department, RAK police, the cab driver is to be blamed for the accident. 

“The reckless cabbie failed to observe the lane rule on a two-direction road where he collided with the rear of a long heavy truck while trying to erroneously overtake it.

Speeding, failing to observe lane rules, poor overtaking, and inattentive driving are of some of the main reasons blamed for the grave and deadly accidents in the emirate.

The corpse of the deceased was shifted to the morgue of the hospital, while the injured driver and passenger were rushed to the same hospital for treatment and medical care.”

Col Al Naqbi


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