PICS: A New Book Gives A Rare Look At Life Inside An Aramco Gated Community


A new book has been published called In ARAMCO: Above the Oil Fields. The photo book by Ayesha Malik offers a rare and personalized look inside Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, a gated community. Dhahran was originally created as a home for American employees of the Arabian American Oil Company (now known as Saudi Aramco). It is a 22-and-a-half square-mile place.

Malik. 28, lived on the Dhahran compound for the first 22 years of her life with her father, who worked at Aramco, her mother, and her two siblings. The books dipicts and multi cultural happy community. 

This small town houses the world’s wealthiest company, which also owns the world’s largest crude oil reserves

002 145 Saudi Aramco 2011 2012 Without Name Scans 53 Edit Print Version Medium

A Public Relations office at work

007 124 Saudi Aramco 2011 2012 Without Name Scans 58 Edit Working Medium

The authors sister’s birthday treasure hunt 

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Her sister in her bedroom with her with a Beanie Babies collection.

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A toy car left in the mud

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Skateboarders at the skate park

019 180 Saudi Aramco 2012 Dec P30 Images 100 Edit V1 Medium

The authors moving boxes and a prayer mat

011 043 Saudi Aramco 2011 2012 Without Name Scans Tiff 0258 Medium

A mother waves goodbye to her daughter as she leaves for Dhahran Elementary School

014 179 Saudi Aramco 2011 2012 Without Name Scans 22 Edit Medium


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