You Definitely Have Got To Try This South Asian Version Of Vimto In Ramadan


During Ramadan in Saudi, we’ve got one drink that’s almost synonymous with the month and that is Vimto. Restaurants start serving it, supermarkets start stocking huge piles of it and almost every iftar party that we go to, we are unconditionally served Vimto.

But Vimto is an Arab favourite, our fellow expats from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have got their own version of an iconic Ramadan drink. It’s called the Rooh Afza and it’s actually pretty good.

It basically looks kind of like Vimto but is a bit lighter in colour

Rooh Afza supposedly has health benefits too

South Asians drink it mix it in milk and yogurt too

In case you get tired of the Vimto overload you can definitely try it out for a change. It can be used in sweet dishes too

Who knows, you may just end up having a liking for it as most South Asians do over Vimto


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