A Slew Of Foreigners Were Granted Saudi Citizenship In The Wake Of The New Citizenship Law


In a bid to attract “brilliant minds” to meet its ambitious Vision 2030 goals, Saudi Arabia HAS begun granting citizenship to foreigners following a royal decree last week. In the wake of the royal decree, several foreigners were granted citizenship over the weekend and here are a few of them. The list of those granted citizenship includes prominent academics, a calligrapher and even a theater director among a host of other eminent professionals.

Semaan Al Ani

One of the pioneers of the Saudi theatre scene, Samaan is credited with directing one of the first Saudi theater performances, “Qitar al-Haz.” Since then there’s been no looking back for him and has participated in a number of foreign theatre festivals.

Mohammed Al Baqai

Alboukai is a scholar and translator who has authored over 40 papers in a variety of fields. He received the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation in the area of “individual contributions” in 2018.

Amin Seido

Amin Seido is an authority on Saudi Arabian history and culture. He has authored over 30 papers that cover the Kingdom’s local cultural landscape. He was the editor-in-chief of the King Fahd National Library’s magazine.

Mukhtar Alam

Mukhtar Alam is the chief calligrapher of the kiswa cloth that drapes the Kaaba. He is one of the foremost Arabic calligraphers of our time and his work has been exhibited in some of the most renowned art exhibitions in the world.

Abd al-Karim Ibrahim al-Samak

A prominent historian specializing in the biographies of Heads of State and the modern history of the kingdom, Al-Samak has spent over half his life in Saudi Arabia. He’s written volumes on the modern history of the kingdom and they actually are some of the most readable works on the country’s past.


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