Prince Faisal Bin Mishaal Visits Buraidah Dates Festival


His Highness Prince Faisal Bin Mishaal Bin Abdulaziz, the prince of the Qassim region, visited Buraidah Dates Festival yesterday. During his tour at the festival, he met the vendors and checked the prices and trade activities of the festival.

Footage of the visit has spread across social media showing Prince Faisal’s speech about dates and their origins. The footage also showed a date seller promoting his dates in the French language, which prompted Prince Faisal to have a conversation with him in French.

His Highness said: As a Saudi citizen, I am proud of all that is achieved in every part of the land of this blessed country and our economic mobility, which provides food security nationally and globally

Prince Faisal tour at Buraidah Dates Festival

Prince Faisal’s great interest in dates ?


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