Riyadh’s Irqah District Kicks Off Exciting Urban Greening Initiative


Riyadh’s urban greening initiative is in full swing!

Riyadh's Irqah District Kicks Off Exciting Urban Greening Initiative

On April 18, the Irqah neighborhood joined the Green Riyadh program, kicking off a tree-planting campaign. Following in the footsteps of other residential areas like Al-Aziziyah and Al-Naseem, Irqah is set to become a greener and more vibrant community.

The initiative is planting trees that are perfect for Saudi’s weather

Riyadh's Irqah District Kicks Off Exciting Urban Greening Initiative

The project in Irqah involves planting 24,000 heat-tolerant trees and shrubs, perfect for Saudi Arabia’s summer climate. Alongside this, 39 parks will bloom, and greening efforts will touch eight schools, 54 mosques, 4 government buildings, and 69 kilometers of streets. These enhancements aim to beautify the neighborhood, promote walking, and cut down on healthcare costs and energy consumption.

There will also be bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways for all to enjoy!

But that’s not all! As part of the initiative, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways will link Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City with Wadi Hanifah. Additionally, 38 buildings will undergo restoration using the traditional Salmani architecture style, and 111 parking lots will be transformed into green spaces.

Residents can attend exhibitions revolving around the initiative!

Riyadh's Irqah District Kicks Off Exciting Urban Greening Initiative

To celebrate the start of this green revolution, an exhibition and planting events have been arranged to raise awareness among residents. The exhibition near Prince Mishal bin Abdulaziz Mosque in Irqah, running until April 27, showcases renderings of the neighborhood’s future post-project completion.


Green Riyadh, a brainchild of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is a game-changer

Launched in 2019 as one of four major projects for Riyadh, it aims to plant over 7.5 million trees, covering 9.1% of the city with greenery. This initiative will significantly boost per-capita green spaces from 1.7 square meters to 28 square meters, making Riyadh a greener and healthier city.

By 2030, the plan is to extend urban greening to 120 neighborhoods across the capital, further enhancing Riyadh’s environment and quality of life.


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