Saudi Arabia Launches The MENA Region’s Largest Solar Panel Factory And It’s A Big Win For Renewable Energy


2021 has been a defining year for Saudi Arabia as it seeks to tackle climate change by announcing a raft of initiatives. Saudi Arabia’s strong drive has been praised across the world, and it is even claimed that Saudi diplomacy helped save the COP26 talks. The latest feather in the cap continuing the kingdom’s streak of pushing towards its ambitious climate change goals is the launch of the MENA region’s largest solar panel factory in Tabuk.

The first phase of the 27,000 sq meter facility was launched last week.

The plant is located strategically close to other mega projects, such as NEOM and the Red Sea project, that are all designed to run on renewables.

The factory was built at a cost of a whopping SR700 million!

Once fully functional it will have the production capacity to produce enough panels to generate a massive 1.2 gigawatts of power.

Longi, a prominent Chinese solar producer is reportedly looking for sites to set up its production units in the kingdom. Our sun-kissed desert lands are ideal for solar anyway, so it was about time that such mega solar panel factories came up in the country.


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