Solo Traveler Shatters Misconceptions About Saudi With Emotional Departure

Hera Shabbir

Traveler Charline shared a video featuring her adventures to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on her Instagram account. She mentioned that several people were warning her against traveling to the Kingdom because they believed it was an unsafe country for women.

She decided to publish this video to deny these rumors with an emotional departure

Charline wrote how she didn’t anticipate she’s feel this amount of sadness when she left Saudi Arabia! She was seen with tears streaming down her cheeks as she took the exit stamp from Saudi Arabia. Charline also said that the immigration officer attempted to comfort the traveler, by saying that she could come again whenever she wanted, to which she replied with “(InshaAllah) God willing.”

She concluded by saying that people of Saudi serve as a great lesson for morality, because of their humanity, extreme generosity, humility and welcoming manners.

Contrary to popular belief, Charline had a great time exploring the Kingdom!


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