The Future Is Here! A Hospital In Saudi Welcomed Its First Robot Employee

Hera Shabbir

Looks like you’re living in those times usually shown in the movies, when robots take over human-tasks. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center has done exactly that with their latest robot-edition.

Nour R1 is the first robot-employee in the hospital that gives information in both Arabic and English

Nour is here to make everyone’s lives easier, by answering all kinds of questions about the hospital. Employees stated that the robot has been programmed to offer all kinds of information relating to procedures, timely updates, services, and guidelines around the facility.

KFSHRC is a top facility that was actually ranked 20th worldwide in 2023!

The hospital was recently recognized for performing the first robotic surgery! The hospital actually monitored an entire liver transplant procedure that was completed by a robot! This hospital is making big moves, and everyone is proud of it!



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