This Instagram Reel Of A Saudi Shawarma Joint Has Gone Viral For Taking A Bold Stand For The Palestinians


In the midst of global conversations surrounding the recent attacks on Gaza and the escalating violence in the West Bank, various local brands are making their voices heard. Some have donated towards relief efforts, while others are advocating for the cause using their social media handles. But one shawarma joint in Riyadh has just aced the game with their viral reel.

Shawarma House is one of the most well-known shawarma brands out there, and now its bold stance is resonating far beyond its delicious offerings.

In a recent reel on Shawarma House’s Instagram that quickly went viral, a distinctive voiceover delivered a powerful message: “Do you know what that tastes like? Like a company that doesn’t support gen*****.”

This reel coincides with the aftermath of the attacks on Gaza, which prompted heightened scrutiny of brands and their associations. Many consumers now view many global brands as potentially complicit in the conflict in Palestine, leading to widespread calls for boycotts.

The viral reel not only showcases the mouthwatering shawarmas but also positions Shawarma House as a socially conscious brand, willing to use its platform to address pressing global issues.

Many Saudi brands have also contributed significantly towards the cause, and here’s a carousel covering some of the biggest donations.


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