A Formula One Driver Has Survived One Of The Most Serious Accident In The Sport In A Race That Took Place In Bahrain


Formula 1 driver, Romain Grosjean’s car, violently erupted in flames after splitting in half when it hit a barrier during the first lap of Formula One’s Bahrain Grand Prix earlier this week.

Grosjean has, fortunately, made it out of his car without life-threatening injuries.

He is currently being treated in a Manama hospital

Many have called it the most serious accident in the sport in years

It has been confirmed that, although Romain has suffered slight burns to his hands and feet, he is recovering well

Drivers have also been discussing that the new ‘halo’ system, a structural frame that has been made mandatory on all racing cars for Formula 1, has been vital in minimising the impacts and injuries to Romain.




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