These 10 UNBELIEVABLE Photos Of Taif In Saudi Arabia Will Make You Want To Move There Immediately


Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Province, is a beautiful area known for their honey, roses and fights. It is also enveloped with beautiful mountains, generous people and the best sunsets. 

Here’s a couple of BEAUTIFUL photos taken in Taif that caught our eye:

1. The stunning hair pin roads in Taif…

Photo by: Naser 

Screen Shot 2017 11 01 At 12 08 27 Pm

2. The Al Hadad road

3. Cute ancient looking villages/towns

4. Imagine driving down this road 

5. The Al Wadi Touristic Resort looks vibrant as ever 

6. Views from Taif mountains

7. Southern Taif and a rainbow

What a shot!

8. Cloudy city

9. Rocky formations 

10. This won probably wins the list for the best photo of Taif

How glorious does it look at night though?


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