New Minister Prince Abdullah Gained Even More Respect After His Kind Efforts With Residents Were Seen On Video


Prince Abdullah bin Bandar has just been newly-appointed as the new Minister of the National Guard, after serving as the deputy governor of Makkah since 2017.

His Highness has always had a good rep with the people of the Kingdom, predominantly due to his type of leadership that resonates well.

In a recent viral video, the Prince is seen walking around a particular neighborhood and asking about the situation of that area. The footage, uploaded on Twitter, has since been seen more than 250,000 times.

(Image Credits: ScreenGrab)

He visited the Royal Guard to specifically look into the residents’ complaints

In the video, the Prince says, “I came specifically for this issue,” allowing an open dialogue with several residents expressing a common thread about the waste bin issues.

Prince Abdullah listened intently, really hearing out what the people had to say.

Although he’s still super new to the new role, Saudis seem to love him already

It has barely been an entire month since His Highness was appointed as the new Minister of the National Guard but peeps are impressed by how he’s going about things.

‘He does things differently. He goes, inspects and works from the field instead of the office.’

“It’s so refreshing to see someone listen to the citizen’s complaints and really be mentally present.”

God bless him, the work that he did in Makkah and now it’s in Riyadh..’

Many are referring to him as a ‘humble prince’

‘May God bless you, the prince of humble feat.’


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