Details About The New National Identity Card Have Been Revealed And Will Be Finalised In Two Months


Details about the new national ID for Saudi residents have been announced, and will be publicly released in the next two months. The new ID’s features will be different from current ones, adapting to the latest security technology so that the technological progress in the Kingdom to play a big role in the process of identifications.

The changes 

The new ID will be colored and information on it will be added using laser. Aside from this, the information will be both in English and Arabic. There is also news that the new identification card will have a personal picture with modern security technology to prevent forgery. 

Almost three months ago, the Ministry of Interior announced a study was to be done to develop a 3D version of the Saudi identity card, according to Saudi Gazette. These developments are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to invest in modern technology and expand the horizons in terms of services given to citizens.


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