Saudi Arabia Will Soon Have Female Soldiers


Like most other countries in the world, Saudi Arabia too will have female soldiers soon.

According to Al Arabiya English, the kingdom’s General Security division has announced that solider rank posts will be available for Saudi women.

These posts will open in seven regions including the provinces of Riyadh, Makkah, Qassim and Madinah.

But not everyone will be able to apply; a clear set of conditions have been laid out on who can and who can’t apply for them.

The conditions are as follows:

The woman has to be a Saudi native who was raised in the country. There is an exception here and that applies only to those women who lived with their fathers who were away on government-related duty.

Those applying have to fall into the 25-35 age groups and have secondary school education at the very least. 

Their height must not be lesser than 155 cm and should have a good height to weight ratio. Also, the prospect female soldier should be in the same location as that of her guardian.

And even if one has met all these conditions they may still not be eligible if they are married to non-Saudis.


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