A New Prepaid Card Method For Domestic Workers To Receive Their Salaries On Time Has Been Implemented


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Prepaid salary cards started a new arrangement for domestic workers in the Kingdom that will be beneficial to them- almost immediately. Housemaids, drivers and other form of domestic workers should now have salary cards where their sponsors can deposit their wages monthly. 

The prepaid salary card, according to Saudi Gazette, will ensure that workers will receive their salaries on time and be protected. 

All domestic workers have to be issued these cards within six months

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) started the new arrangement on Saturday and there will be a six-month deadline for employers to issue these cards to their employees. New workers who are just arriving to the Kingdom are expected to already have the prepaid cards ready by their employers, according to a story by Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper.

Banks in the Kingdom started offering the prepaid cards to customers 

The ‘prepaid card’, akin to a debit card, will eliminate the hassle for domestic workers who already do so much for their employers and the Kingdom as a whole. This is one sure way to protect their earnings, and guarantee that they won’t be taken advantage of. 

It will be called the Mada household payroll card and there’s no fee for transferring salaries from sponsor to the employee’s Mada card. However, the card is only valid in Saudi and deposits can only come from the sponsor/ employer. 

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