THIS IS NOT A DRILL: The New Jeddah Waterfront Will Be Opened By The Emir Of Makkah Today


Prince Khaled Al- Faisal, the Emir of the Makkah region and a direct Adviser to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has opened Jeddah’s new waterfront on Wednesday.

And, trust us when we say, it is lookin’ good. 

Photos of the new Jeddah Waterfront have surfaced the online sphere and it’s giving us a resort-like and luxurious feel

According to Saudi Gazette, the corniche is a 4.2-kilometre-long areas that has been built at the price of SAR800 MILLION. Not only is it a park with the greeneries, but the beaches open for swimming takes up 50,000 square meters- and sure look Insta-worthy. 

There’s also a walkway, pedestrian bridge, 17 plazas, sculptures, fountains, a water park and around 20 toilets 

Just in case you thought the new Jeddah Waterfront was going to be a basic park, it will also include almost 100 surveillance cameras and an Internet service. Talk about quality. 

The entire thing will be completed in six phases. Right now, the first three have already been done and is open to public…

The fourth and fifth phases have also been completed, according to reports. However, it is still not open to the public yet. 

The final phase’s construction will initiate sometime in the future and it will be located from Jubair Bin Al- Harith Street all the way to Al- Rahma Mosque.

Have you been there yet?

If so, share your photos with us in the comment section below.


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