SPACE ENTERTAINMENT Is Coming To Riyadh As Saudi Is Putting $1B Into Richard Branson’s Space Company


Saudi Arabia has announced it will invest $1 billion in Virgin Group’s space missions that has space tourism, rocket manufacturing and spacecrafts!

If the deal goes ahead without any regulatory objection, PIF will get a significant share in those companies. 

Sir Richard Branson Never Seemed So Pleased.. he tweeted this at the Future Investment Initiative in RIyadh 

So there will be Saudi-Virgin Group partnership on spaceflight,
satellite launches and space-centric entertainment. But we are not sure what
that means as yet!

The PIF also mentioned it  may include an additional $480 million.

And Richard Branson Is Going To Send A Spaceship In 4 Months

Branson’s Virgin Galactic has not sent a manned aircraft to space but this will change soon as he said spaceship VSS Unity “should be in space in about four months.”

“This partnership with Virgin Group reflects the great
strides the Kingdom is making towards our vision for a diversified,
knowledge-based economy,” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said 

This Is How Commercial Flying Would Be Like

“The number of people who have been to space is approximately 550. We now have more than 600 people signed up to go,” he said, envisaging a time when “hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands” have access to space flight.

George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic,

Saudi Twitter Response Was Overwhelmingly

JETSONS Living could be just around the corner..


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