Car Rental Shops Are Going To Be Fully Saudi-ised In 40 Days


Starting March 19, car rental offices will hire staff and it is limited to only Saudi nationals, as part of the Saudization taking place in the Kingdom, accordng to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. In forty days, the initiative will begin as part of an aim to increase the employment of Saudi nationals in the labor market. 

The ministry will also provide any kind of support for Saudi citizens 

In order for them to be qualified at this sector of work they’re going to take part in. Aba Al Khail added that financial and technical support will be given to young Saudi entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses.

Work in car rental offices all over the Kingdom will be solely limited to Saudi nationals after about 40 days. We will also organise the necessary employment gatherings to achieve harmony between the job seekers and the employer

Khaled Aba Al- Khail, ministry spokesman (via Arab News)


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