BREAKING: Cinemas Are Officially Returning To Saudi Arabia For The First Time Since The 1970s


After the royal decree that allows women to drive, women being allowed into stadiums and other reforms that took place this past month- you’d think there’d be a ‘chill zone’ to all of this. 

Well, you guessed wrong.. 

Cinemas will be making its grand RETURN to the Kingdom this year in line with the Vision 2030, according to Saudi Gazette.

And where will this first cinema open, you ask?

Riyadhians, you lucky people. The first mall that will have a cinema in the Kingdom will be the Riyadh Park Mall with FOUR showrooms for its launch.


The former chairman of the Saudi Cinema Committee Fahad Al-Tamimi says cinemas should be open before 2017 ends, exclaiming that there are no laws in the Ministry of Culture and Information that prevent cinema halls. 

“These measures take all demands, particularly the desires of the society which will benefit from these projects, into consideration”

Former chairman of Saudi Cinema Committee Fahad Al Tamimi (via Reuters)

Excited yet?



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