Jeddah Is Getting Its Own Film Festival And It Will Be Located In Al Balad


After cinemas, Jeddah will finally be getting its own film festival.

The Red Sea International Film Festival will take place from 12-21 March 2020. What’s best about it is the dramatic location selected to host the festival. According to Asharq Al Awsat, it will be held in the Al Balad area of Jeddah.

Accompanying the film festival, a script and feature lab called The Red Sea Film Lodge: The New Arab Wave has been announced.

12 projects from around the Arab World will be selected by the lodge with a minimum of six of them by Saudi filmmakers.

The filmmakers will then embark on a five-month training period and two of the projects will be given $500,000 as financial support.

The applications for the projects will open tomorrow.

So even if you are not a filmmaker you have reason to be excited as the film festival will be bringing in actors and filmmakers from around the world and moviegoers like us will get access to a whole new world of movies.


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