Drivers Beware: Saher Cameras Are Getting An Update On Maximum Speed Limits On Many Major Roads In Riyadh


Speed limits in the Saher cameras system have been modified on many roads, following the order of the interior minister to control speed limits on all roads in accordance with road conditions and safety requirements.

For those unaware, Saher cameras are high resolution traffic monitoring systems that can pinpoint ALL traffic violations, down to using a mobile phone or not wearing a seat belt.

Depending on the road conditions, speed limits on some roads and streets will now be 80 or 90 instead of 70 km/hour

As for the main roads inside the cities and those connecting the cities, the speed limit will remain 120 km/hour, as it is the maximum speed limit set by the international traffic laws.

Saher will monitor speed violations only when the speed exceeds 132 km/hour and not 120 Km/hour


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