Sources Refute Claims Of Saudi Arabia Intercepting Iran’s Attack On Israel

Hera Shabbir

After the attack carried out by Iran on Israel, people had numerous speculations and theories about Saudi Arabia intercepting in favor of Israel. Israeli news outlets had released statements insinuating that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was involved in intercepting the drone and missile attack by Iran, attempting a counterstrike.

The headlines claimed that Saudi helped Israel counter the attacks by Iran

The Times of Israel published these statement that indicated Saudi’s involvement in the interception. News outlets claimed that the Kingdom had indeed participated in the military operation in response to the attacks, which had destroyed 99 per cent of the Iranian drones and missiles. This claim however was promptly refuted by a source to Al Arabiya News.

Al Arabiya published an article denying all claims of Saudi’s involvement

Al Arabiya stated that a source had directly denied all false claims indicating that Saudi was involved in military assistance to the IDF.

The IDF Chief Of Staff just announced plans of a response against Iran after Sunday’s attack


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