The 8 Commendable Moments When Crown Prince MBS Flashed A Friendly Smile For The Camera


There’s something unusual but a commendable trait about our Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that sets him apart from other royals or leaders. He can smile through anything. 

Through all the serious economic and social changes his reforms have undergone, and the positive reaction of the people towards him- Crown Prince makes sure to keep a smile on his face whenever he can. 

Here are a few of those times:

1. Always selfie- ready 

How we wish we could have our very own selfie with the Crown Prince.

2. In fact, he probably gets it from his father

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman is also usually seen with a genuine and sincere smile on his face. This shows what great love and unity he has for his son and the people of the Kingdom.

3. This is quite an example of MBS’ charm 

4. … that has managed to attain an admiration in the Kingdom

5. We don’t know what it is that can make him smile so whole heartedly

6. Even when taking a photo-op next to Trump

MBS remains composed and always friendly 

7. We’re definitely not complaining

Smiling is an instant mood-booster anyway (or so we heard)

8. Keep smiling, everyone!


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