This Running Initiative Is Changing What It Means To Run As A Woman in Jeddah And You Can Join Them Too


Over the past few years many, mostly non-profit  initiatives are spurring up in Jeddah allowing ladies a chance to exercise, stay fit and forge lifetime friendships! 

Bliss Run encourages women of all ages to run, remain active and receive workshops on physical and psychological wellness, too. They should be credited with making the sight of ‘women-running’ in Jeddah’s walkways look normal for passerby. 

Courageous indeed!

Rasha Al Harbi is leading the initiative has been running for over 14 years 

….and she loves inspiring other women to see the benefit of an active life! 

At The Saudi Design Week

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” It may seem normal for women in different countries but I think this was one of the most life-changing decision I have ever taken, to be able to walk, to run without inviting curious looks and criticism..  and feel the breeze in your face seems like a dream come true”, says a runner who has been part of the group.


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