Young Saudi Students Bring The Kingdom Pride After Winning 25 Medals And Awards From A Korean Invention Fair


Saudi Students from the Kingdom’s King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) brought back home six medals and 19 international prizes from the Seoul Invention Fair 2017 (SIIF) this last week.  

Saudi is quickly moving to be one of the smartest countries in the world, and this is definitely another great example to that.

The fair showcased 633 inventions from 29 other countries around the world 

According to Arab News, however, this did not put a stop on KAU students from receiving so many awards from organisations and sponsors. Even making their school’s president proud, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al- Yubbi, congratulated the students adding that this achievement was a result of everyone’s hard work. 

Some of the inventions were…

  • A safe electric escalator, researched and done by students Athir M. Najim and Sarah O. Balkhi 
  • “Drowsiness Sensor for Drivers” by Rif M. Al- Mansour
  • Traffic Priority by Tala T. Al- Rumi (which won two awards!) 
  • “The Smart Automatic Cooker” by Hanin O Mimesh 

amongst many others…

Congratulations, KAU students! You make Saudi proud to have such intelligent young minds 

Keep paving the way for future achievements in the Kingdom 


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