3 Restaurants In Riyadh That Every Sushi Addict Must Try


We’ve all be there. That sudden craving for some sushi that can only be fulfilled from a really good sushi restaurant – and let’s be honest, not every place that claims to serve sushi knows what they are talking about.

Craving some really good sushi in Riyadh and aren’t sure where to go?

Look no further, these are three restaurants that serve the ultimate sushi in Saudi Arabia’s capital.

1. Masami Sushi

They have mastered the art of, both, traditional and new-takes of sushi and each of them is worth it!

Everything comes in super sleep packaging which makes the eating experience even more pleasant.

PS – Do not forget to try their sushi desserts.



This Saudi-owned sushi place isn’t afraid to be a little creative and we are here for it! Highly recommend their Cheetos Maki.

PS – The restaurant is slightly coz so if that is not your thing, just opt for delivery or take-away.


3. OKKU Riyadh

This multi-award winning Japanese Restaurant is perfect when you are looking to treat yourself (or someone else) a little special.

It is elegant, upscale, and rightfully boasts about its highly-trained sushi chefs.



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