Saudi Women Are Apparently Getting Robbed In Athens For Looking ‘Wealthy’


South Eastern Europe is a dream destination for Saudi tourists. From Greece and Bosnia to Georgia and even Turkey, Saudis form a sizeable chunk of foreign tourists there.

We heard stories earlier of Saudis being robbed in Turkey, we now have similar stories coming out of its neighbour Greece.

Saudi women are not that hard to spot as a lot of them either don the abaya or face veil even when travelling.

The Saudi Gazette has quoted the Saudi Ambassador to Greece Essam Beitu Al-Maal as saying that the wealthy looks of Saudi women have made them a target of thieves.

Four of such cases happened in Athens alone, with the city’s underground metro being the place where most of such incidents happened. None of those robbed got their belongings back.

The Saudi Embassy went on to issue a warning.

Normally, handbags would get stolen and most of the time they would have a passport inside.

The Saudi Embassy then issues a lasse passe for those who lose their passports and even goes on to pay for the accommodation for the rest of their stay.


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