Here’s Why Everyone Thinks Georgina Is Definitely Going To Be Riyadh’s New ‘It’ Girl

Hera Shabbir

Everyone’s SUPER excited about Ronaldo officially moving to Riyadh as he joined Al Nassr just a few days ago! However, his partner, Cristina will also be moving to the city with his family. Although some speculate they’ll be living in Al-Muhammadiyah, it has not officially been announced.

Cristina is known to be a total fashion ICON and people are beginning to wonder what her life in Riyadh will be like

Some speculate the superstar will blend right into the Riyadh lifestyle of enjoying matcha, going coffee-shop hopping, and many other things that make up a typical Riyadh lifestyle.

People are speculating the superstar hinted moving to Saudi with this subtle outfit

The colors, the look, it was EVERYTHING 😍

She’s obviously going to be at all the hot places in Riyadh 👀

Some are hoping to see her at all hottest fine dining restaurants in Riyadh. Her sense of style is also noticed worldwide and you might even catch her in some designer Abayas, accompanied by designer bags 🙌.


Let’s not forget the iconic grocery stores that she’ll probably show up to in style

With a bunch of things happening in Riyadh like Riyadh Season and new and upcoming restaurants, Georgina will definitely been seen out and about in the city. Where do you think people will see her the most 👀?


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