22 People Were Caught Hiding Inside A CONCRETE MIXER In A Border Smuggle Attempt


A shocking attempt by 22 illegal immigrants to sneak into the country was stopped by Sharjah police on the Khatam Milaha border crossing point last week

A tip of “a smuggling plan of unidentified number of infiltrators” into the UAE, led Federal Customs Authority and the Department of Seaports & Customs in Sharjah to halt the attempt. 

21 men and one woman were hiding inside the cement mixer

Via the tip, 21 Asians and one African woman were caught hiding inside the cement mixer after an X-ray scanner was used at the border. 

The whole area was closed off for fear of weapons inside the mixer and then police instructed the driver to step out and ask the smugglers to proceed outside calmly. 

They were all later taken for interrogation.  


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