Dubai Police Confiscated More Than 7kgs of Heroin Over The Past 3 Months


Four different drug smuggling operations spread over three months were busted by Dubai police and what they found is shocking. 

Almost seven kilograms of heroin and 55 grams of crystal meth were confiscated during these raid operations. 

First drug bust found a total of 242 capsules of heroin

A police report said that two men of Asian-descent were arrested in their hotel apartments in Sharjah after a tip lead them to a possible drug bust. 

The first drug bust was in a Sharjah apartment and found 123 capsules of heroin totaling almost 1,000 grams found inside a plastic bag hidden in the bottom of a travel luggage. 

After his arrest, the man also confessed to hiding some capsules inside him after ingesting them – after taking him to the hospital, a surgery removed 119 capsules of heroin from his body. 


Second drug bust 

Another Asian man was arrested in Sharjah under the same pretences of the first drug bust, which found AED1,500 in cash that was paid to him by an anonymous man to smuggle the drugs into the country. 

He was found with 140 capsules of heroin hidden in a plastic bag. 

Two other operations lead to the confiscation of four kgs of drugs.

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