A Spectacular Meteor Shower Is Expected To Light Up The UAE Skies Tonight


What is it about about celestial rocks hurtling through the sky at blinding speed that make for such a dazzling display?

If this is something that fascinates you then you’re in for a treat!

Meteors from the Lyre constellation, aka ‘Lyrids’ will fall through and light up the UAE skies, and the lucky ones will get to see the spectacular scene without the help of a telescope tonight. 

Time of the meteor shower

The official shower hours will be from midnight Saturday, April 21 until the early hours of Sunday, April 22, as per the reports.  

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, deputy director general of the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences, says: 

 “This phenomenon occurs every year from April 16 to 25. Some areas will see a heavy meteor shower, falling debris from a comet as earth passes through its orbit.

Depending on how clear the skies are, stargazers can see more than 20 meteors an hour. After the moon sets, the meteors are even more visible.”

Ibrahim Al Jarwan


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