After More Than A Year’s Break – Emirati Commentator Sultan Al Qassemi Is BACK On Twitter


After a 12-month hiatus, Emirati columnist and commentator, Sultan Al Qassemi has rejoined the Twittersphere, and it’s great news.

The high-profile commentator is known for his eloquent responses to political and international situations, and his insight via Twitter – but he disappeared from the platform in June 2017, only to resurface just recently.

The self-described ‘columnist, art & architecture enthusiast’ has more than 502,000 Twitter followers, and disappeared with no mention in June, 2017.

His last tweet in 2017

And has returned to Twitter with gusto

His first Tweet back

He’s also been working on a modern architecture book about Sharjah and announced he’s working at the prestigious Yale University

So despite his hiatus – it would seem he’s been rather busy

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