FORECAST: It Might Rain In The UAE Today According To The Weather Department


Call it a drop in the ocean but even a 2-3 degree Celsius dip in the temperature is a relief, if you ask us.

Which is exactly why when the UAE residents on Friday woke up to a particularly windy morning, it made for a welcome change.

And now weather authorities are saying that there’s a slight possibility of rains in the UAE today.

Today morning’s weather conditions

National Center of Meteorology (NCM) says the winds will result in blowing dust leading to poor visibility of less than 1500 metres

Although the weather will remain hot during the day, there is a slight chance of rain in the UAE

It especially might rain in the central Sharjah area in the UAE and Oman.

NCM’s statement reads: “a chance of convective cloud formation, which may be associated with rainfall and fresh winds.”

Full weather forecast


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