Rare Old Photos From The 1940s Showing That Cinemas Existed In The UAE Have Been Discovered


From a mere fisherman’s settlement in the early 40s to being known as pioneers of some of the most ambitious projects in the world (think driverless pods and a city on Mars), the UAE has always put an emphasis on transformation and development.

But, as it turns out, the UAE has always had a history of being a cosmopolitan hub and a tolerant society ahead of most other countries.

A senior NYU Abu Dhabi student and Louvre Abu Dhabi ambassador, Shamma Faisal al Bastaki, recently unearthed two old but rare photos that prove cinemas existed in the 1940s in the UAE.

No, seriously!

UAE has always been too cool for school

Here’s a close-up of both the photos


People, naturally, were delighted to find such nostalgic gems

*In Phoebe’s voice* this is brand new information

In a separate tweet, Shamma mentioned how she was looking for photographic evidence of cinemas existing in the 40s in the UAE since a long time

Another local Twitter user talks about how there is documented proof of Sharjah Cinema being the first cinema in the Gulf region

An open-air cinema in 1970? Way to go UAE

This country never ceases to surprise us!


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