A Click Of Dubai’s Movie Theatre Has The Internet Reminiscing The Good ‘Ole Pre-COVID Days


The jazz we’ve gone through this year… I mean you just can NOT make that kinda stuff up even if you wanted too!

From the world seeing full lockdowns from weeks on end, masks becoming the new normal, total closure of the aviation industry… we’ve collectively sacrificed a lot this year and one such thing that we’ve had to completely give-up is going down and enjoying the unified feel of the movie theatres.

So you can imagine why a single shot of a VOX Cinema’s interiors in Dubai is driving the internet to next-level nostalgia.

Suspended back on May 20, it’s been more than SIX entire months that we’ve been inside a movie hall and it hurts ok. It just hurts now.


Tweeps are recollecting the last movie that they saw at a movie theatre and wow… it’s really been FOREVAAAAAR!

Onward released back on March 5, 2020… We’ll let you do the math.

Not just movies but going to concerts and LIVE entertainment events is pinching people right in the feels as well…


Here’s to better days ahead! C’mon 2021, please DO NOT SUCK.


Movie theatres in Dubai may not be the same anymore because of all the social distancing protocals, BUT you can still enjoy movie nights with the gang with this Home Theatre System!


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