A Dubai-Based Expat Gets Charged AED185 For A 5Km Cab Ride From Oud Metha To Al Karama


Imagine taking a quick 9-minute cab ride that should cost you a max of AED25 but end up getting billed AED185 instead…

Yaaaa thas one scary thought and one that actually happened with Omer Elhadi, a Dubai-based resident this morning.

He took to Twitter to call out the vehicle for hire company, Careem on the unreal charges and added that he will discontinue utilizing the app until the charges have been rectified.

Careem was quick to respond to the inquiry on social media and tweeted back saying,

Hi Omer, Good Morning… hope you started your day well. Can you please share your registered number with us and we will look into it.
Lets take this over Dm , we have sent you a message there.


The ride stats show that the passenger travelled a distance of 5kms (From Oud Metha to Al Karama) in 9 minutes for which he was charged a whopping AED185

To put things in perspective, with AED 185 you can travel to Ghantout, Abu Dhabi or even further down from Oud Metha…

Yet the shocking amount (which is clearly a glitch on the app) was charged for this tiny distance

Anyone else left second-hand traumatized by Omer’s taxi fare charges?!?

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