Your Journey With Emirates Will Now Be Accompanied With A Complimentary Hygiene Kit


Your Journey With Emirates Will Now Be Accompanied With A Complimentary Hygiene Kit

As Emirates resume passenger flights to nine international destinations from Dubai airports; the Dubai-based airline has recently released a video highlighting the multi-faceted safety measures that have been put in place for passengers and employees alike throughout various points of their journey.

Emirates has resumed outbound flights from the UAE to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia as of Thursday, May 21.

The airline will be providing all their passengers with a hygiene kit during check-in, which will comprise of a face mask, hand gloves, a travel-size pack of antibacterial wipes and a hand sanitiser.

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It is absolutely compulsory for travellers to have on a face mask at all times throughout their journey.

Dubai Airports have also installed protective microbial shields at each check-in desk and immigration counter to ensure comprehensive hygiene for passengers and employees when interacting over the counter

Passengers who will be catching a connecting flight from the Dubai International Airport will be subject to a thorough thermal screening upon disembarkation. Customers will be given new hygiene kits at the gate before boarding their connecting flight.

Additionally, a number of customers have flooded the official Twitter handle of Emirates stating their dismay for the lack of communication from the airline and inaction for refunds…

Also, please note that: Cabin Baggage Is NOT Allowed So Consider Storing Luggage In Compartmentalised Bags

Although, you WILL be allowed to carry your laptop bag, handbag, briefcase and baby bag for essential baby items with you during the flight.

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